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Designers for teams

You’re a company looking to build your first design team, scale your current team or just hire your next best designer. Or someone that thinks like a designer.

We can help you set up your DesignOps and help you put in place the processes, tools and routines for your design team to thrive. We also know the talent and can connect you with the right people at the right time.

Jobs for designers

You’re a designer looking for your next challenge and help organizations create products and services with their users at the core. We know companies looking for people like you - and we can put you in touch with one another. Or at least share the latest opportunities with you with our monthly design-ish jobs newsletter, so you can pick and choose.

Practice-driven lectures

Are you a professor, a design programme or educational institution growing the next generation of designers? Are you looking for more practice-driven input, real case studies and industry professionals who can collaborate with your students on projects and set them up for success in today’s job market?

Designers on Board(s)

Are you looking to diversify your board with profiles that can support you on topics like: design-driven innovation, digitalization, customer centricity, holistic product design and more? We can put you in touch with potential board candidates who can help steer your company in the right direction.

Looking for something else?

Happy to support on your design-ish topic.

Design-ish jobs

Jobs for designers and designers for jobs.
Helping future-proof your organization by embedding a design mindset.

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